Multiple platforms is a great way to grow your business, placing more of your eggs in multiple baskets, will mean more potential customers and a higher conversion. It is critical to have your own website where you have control,  ultimately you cannot control if one of the platforms decides to pull the plug on your shop. They can do this if you have one client complaint, even if it is 100% not valid, or a competitor is claiming infringement.

Our Commitment to our client

We at WHA will not take control over your website even if you decide to leave us, your website is your intellectual property and we guarantee this to all our client, this is what separates us from our competitors. We do not hold your content hostage; instead we value freedom to choose.  

Keep in mind a client shopping on an online marketplace (Amazon, EBay, Etsy) and a client that will land on your website will need to be targeted totally differently. Online Marketplaces are branded company, clients know trust and have loyalty to the name. Online Marketplaces already have the traffic, so if you want to create sales on your website, clients need to trust your brand. Having an incentive to purchase form your website will go a long way for sales. This is where you will need to take advantage of market places, forcing traffic to your site.

Think of it as if you are a farmer, instead of selling at your farm your selling a farmers market, this is a great strategy for creating awareness for your brand. However, you also want to sell those vegetables at your farm. This can be achieved through social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest. These platforms are you biggest allies when it comes to driving traffic to your website.


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